A-1 Translation Started

As some noticed, we added the progress page a few days ago. As of yet, very little is done, but we have “officially” started on A-1. There is a new set of threads on fuwanovel for those who wish to more closely track progress, though as usual, we will likely only post updates when a route is completed(either translating or QC/editing), so neither place will be 100% accurate.


7 thoughts on “A-1 Translation Started

  1. So after installing the game and applying the patch, I attempted to play the game, however each time I tried the japanese exe or directX exe, I always get a pop-up in japanese and am unable to play the game. Please help. I don’t how to put up a picture of it on WordPress.


  2. Hi. I stumbled across your Majikoi translation patch today and just wanted to say… thank you. Thank you so much for completing this project. It had been weighing on my mind for a long time and I am glad to see that someone picked up the work and finished where we left off. This might be a bit late, but TakaJun gave permission for others to use his work as a base for future translations quite a while ago, but things happened and we were not able to let others know. With that, Maji Translators’ patch can be considered the official successor to the original patch from Yandere Translations. So once again, thank you.

    ~ArchDemon – mirror moon / Yandere translations


    • Arch, I have to say I’m glad to hear from you. I used to follow Yandere/Mirror Moon Translations for a long time, and I was worried something terrible had happened to you guys. You guys paved the way for a lot of stuff like this to happen, in my opinion. Hold your head up high. You deserve it.

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