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  1. You guys are doing god’s work here. You guys mean so much to everyone in not only the Majikoi community but the visual novel community as a whole. ROCK ON AMIGOS!


  2. Hey guys, a little late in the game but, if you guys are planning on translating A-2 through A-5 I would be willing to lend a hand. I’m an armature at Japanese, I’ve been taking it for about two years now. I’m pretty decent at grammar but okay with kanji, but hey, isn’t that what the internet’s for? I’m a senior in High School.


  3. Is there someway I can donate and support your work? I really appreciate what you guys are doing and I can sympathise to how much work is required in translation (I translated an english book to portuguese for a few of my friends once). Surely there are more people willing to support as well.


  4. Just wondering, do you upload the partial translations you have done? (For the A 1+ series) Or are you waiting until you have it completely done?


  5. Excuse me, but there seems to be a bug in the patch for S. I tried playing through the Mayucchi-After arc, and at a certain point (During the scene where Yukie and Iyo are talking in the restaurant a little after the trip to the beach with Fushikawa and the Touma trio) the game just crashes right around the part where Iyo’s telling her to be a bit more proactive with Yamato. Not at a specific line, but I tried it like 3 times and it crashes approximately in that area. It works fine when I uninstalled the patch though, but of course then I can’t read it.

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  6. is a Japanese download site. Certain VNs are released on DMM. Some patches don’t always work on DMM because the game version is altered some


  7. Thanks for the translation on Majikoi!! and Majikoi S, been waiting forever to play Agave Route. Also, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to extract the text from the game cause on Majikoi!! Agave Route Gakuto Shimazu name was translated as Shizuma a few times.


  8. Hello. I wanted to translate Majikoi to my native language and I’m here to ask, if you would let me use your translation and could give me the tools I would need to do so. Thanks in advance


    • Feel free; we just use zbspac and a hex editor(010 editor recommended). That said, I’m not fond of translations of translations, so I find the entire idea a bit… questionable.


  9. Hi I have been playing visual novels for 3-4 years and have found that they many great visual novels to go untranslated for long periods of time. The reason main being the official/unofficial translation groups seem to already be overloaded with their current projects or just don’t have enough staff. So I am thinking of doing fan translations (as a hobby) to help bring Japanese visual novels into English local (hope you understand what I am saying). The first problem i face now is that I cannot read Japanese. I can understand a little from audio but no knowledge as to read. For that reason I wanted to ask you one of the experts in the vn translation industry. If you know of any sources(or even have some of your own) could you please share them with me. (wanted to send as an email)

    thank you,


  10. Please help, I’m on the Benkei route on A-1, and there is a point after the (optional) bath scene where the game crashes after Yoshi says a line, can someone help me?


  11. Yo guys, I got a 100% save file off the Internet for maji s. Anyone mind telling me how I can put it into the game so I can use it? Googled it but couldn’t figure it out.
    Also, thanks for all the translations! Appreciate it.


  12. Hey guys thanks for the translation, I really appreciate it and in general it is flawless, really in tone with the general game.

    Quick question I really don’t know where to do it. When I started A-2 it told me something about loading the save data of A-1? Maybe, I think, it was in japanese and I didn’t pay attention so maybe it was something else. Was that something important? Also it made me wonder, in Majikoi S you could unlock PREMIUM girl secret route and she would get a sprite, but she doesn’t have a sprite anymore in the following games, maybe you need a save data of the game to unlock it? I tried some google but no one seems to care about her (although she’s best… no, she’s PREMIUM girl).

    Thanks, appreciate your time and your work.


  13. I’m having some text problems.

    Is it supposed to look like this or is everything displaying correctly for the rest of you?
    The window title, text start/ending symbols, the color coded names in the config screen, the font name and extension menu still being in gibberish despite the game launching with applocale.

    For comparison the Jap version text line looks like this;

    The JP hooks [ ] don’t show up properly on my game, did i fuck it up or something…cos i un-re-installed it properly and nothing changed.

    I suppose if it didn’t break anything i could try to ignore the gibberish at the start and ending of every line…but just in case i want to ask if anyone knows how to force another font for the game to use, that might fix it.


    • For some ungodly reason, the game occasionally spazzes out on some computers if it’s not usin’ japanese systemlocale, we have no idea why.


  14. I have a question!!!
    (Spoiler if you haven’t played MajiKoi S and srry I can’t find the Spoiler chat that I found after reading the FAQ) So about Tsubame after…Is it about the future that Yamato has the lead or Tsubame or both? Well It’s fine if you don’t tell or can’t tell me I am just curious. Thank you for the translations and lots of stuff ;D


  15. Hello, is there still an uncensored patch comming for
    Majikoi S or are you just doing translates now. Just wondering 🙂 And thanks for the great work!


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