Maji Koi A-2

Route Translated Edited Finalized Total Progress
Seiso 32/32 32/32 32/32 100%
Monshiro After+ 0/27 0/27 0/27 0%
Cookie 4 IS 40/40 40/40 40/40 100%
Misc 3/3 3/3 3/3 100%
Total 75/102 75/102 75/102 73.52%

449 thoughts on “Maji Koi A-2

  1. I have one question about the transfer. Will you translate the full version of the game, which will be released in December? there will all ruts with additions.


  2. May I ask how you will release the last part? Monshiro Route completed or each section one by one (Translated-Edited-Finished) ?
    Thank you guys.


  3. Does anyone likes the Kuki routes like me? i love those routes cause we get to see how Yamato fights and how he gets stronger. It is the main reason i like stacy and azumi’s route. I hope we get more Kuki routes in the next games

    I cant wait for proper A2 translation , machine translation sucks.


      • Seriously Do some research…and wtf is agane?….
        If you mean kuki Ageha then sorry to disappoint..maji koi is set is the same universe as
        so if you want ageha route you will get it here..
        also its clearly mentioned here..which routes you get from various A episodes..

        Stories by release:
        A-1: Benkei, Azumi, Sayaka
        A-2: Seiso, Monshiro after+, Cookie 4 IS
        A-3: Lee, Stacy, Tsubame after+
        A-4: Homura, Rin
        A-5: Yoshitsune, Takae, Margit after+


        • It would be nice thou if there’s a Ageha Kuki route , too bad there isnt in majikoi universe. In They are my noble masters , wasn’t only in the ps2 version where there’s a Ageha route? or is it on all version? , The Kuki-maid/butler routes are amazing.


  4. You know, some people might disagree with me, but I hope you spend some time with family and friends this holiday season, rather than continue working your butts off.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Q: Do you all go your separate ways during Thanksgiving or do you have a sort of Maji-Translator’s party? Or both on separate days?


  5. for those of you who keep asking when it’s going to be done and the like, take some advice from someone who has lots of experience in witing for people to translate or finish and release their games
    it’ll be done when it’s done
    show the creator/translator/s some respect
    be glad they’re developing/translating the game at all
    plenty of times i’ve seen people get angry at constant questions about release date result in them stopping altogether


  6. Just a “love you guys for all your hard work”
    Really hope you don’t get bored of translation, and even here in sweden there are
    plenty of people who call you guys heroes. Fight-O !


  7. Has anyone asked what each member of the team’s favourite route is yet? Let’s see if the avatars match the route😛 And since we will probably never get a harem route no cop out answers.


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