Maji Koi A-2

Route Translated Edited Finalized Total Progress
Seiso 32/32 32/32 32/32 100%
Monshiro After+ 27/27 27/27 27/27 100%
Cookie 4 IS 40/40 40/40 40/40 100%
Misc 3/3 3/3 3/3 100%
Total 102/102 102/102 102/102 100%

520 thoughts on “Maji Koi A-2

  1. have been reading about A-5 it apears that those guys at minatosoft said GO BIG OR GO HOME with la last installment, i wont say any spoilers but it appears to be the best of the 5, still, cant wait for the tsubame after, of course also the maids, well i have to say that A-4 looks like… kinda meh, but who knows maybie its just me jumping to conclusions


  2. Looking forwards to future releases if you’re team chooses to translate them. Thanks for everything. Enjoy the holidays and get smashed with eggnog.


  3. First want to say, thank you for the release… Merry Christmas’s to you all too… But I played the hegemon/seiso route and when it reach the part in the mock war, where it was The genji army vs the musashi army, after the line of “now we’ll show the world of gallantry of the kawakami academy kendo club!” the app crash… help please…


  4. I would like to thank you guys for all your hard work you put in to this release, since I noticed it right before christmas, it feels like a great christmas present 😉
    ether you guys keep up translating the rest of this series or not, you did great, and I’d like to sayy keep up the good work, herever your future takes you 😉
    (I’d still love to see you translating A3-A4-A5 too though 😉 )


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  6. Thank you for your excellent and diligent hard work on these translations I know hearing people ask the same question incessantly must be obnoxious, I was almost worried you might not do A-3 just to spite that but I saw the progress chart for it and wish you happy translating. Azumis route in A-1 was heart warming but tell you the truth I am most excited for Lees route ^^


  7. Hi, when i play seiso’s route, the game crashes on the part when the kazama family meet up with seiso for her request. Please help…


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