Maji Koi A-3

Route Translated Edited Finalized Total Progress
Lee 0/32 0/32 0/32 0%
Stacy 0/26 0/26 0/26 0%
Tsubame After+ 0/34 0/34 0/34 0%
Misc 0/3 0/3 0/3 0%
Total 0/95 0/95 0/95 0%

142 thoughts on “Maji Koi A-3

    • of course it isnt it was a attempt at April fools. i wouldnt know anything about translation but from what i hear its hard work so i would assume they have back ups of back ups so if somthing happens they dont start and 0

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  1. Legitimately puzzled here, is this actually never updated? Not trying to stress majitranslations team on hurrying up or anything, just wondering.
    (I read the FAQ, genuinely afraid to even ask questions lmao)


  2. Guys I need an update……. TยทT
    Im going to play: Tsubame+ << Stacy << Lee
    (I hope more date stuff, sweet(?) moments, etc. What A-2 needed)


    • On behalf of the administrators: Please read the FAQ. They aren’t gonna update anymore, nor will they make any partial patch. They will finish translating all the way to the end without progress updates.

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      • well if they don’t come across any problems and by looking at the time frame for them to release A-1 and A-2 on Vndb i expect it to be out by mid-late summer or early fall at latest


        • The problem with that is that A-2 was started while they were finishing A-1. I’d expect it to be either late fall or sometime in the winter.


  3. can anybody please tell me where i can see news from minatosoft, if they are going to continue the majikoi series and etc


  4. From what I heard from people who have played the A+ game (mostly people from 4chan)
    yeIt seems like in the dev notes that in the game they mention that there’s a good chance that they’ll be returning to Majikoi after MinatoSoft makes a different game they already had planned. So do expect another Majikoi game but at the same time, don’t so in the end if one doesn’t come out you won’t be disappointed and if one does you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Because I’m sure most of us want them to milk this series dry. (Also let’s hope best girl Benkei get an after.)


  5. Hi so i was hoping can some one please tell me what happn to nyaa torrent will it come back or is it shutdown for good for gods fucking sake can some one please let me know i really want maji 3-5 translation and if it is down are there any other site like this for free i just really want it back for the love of god please thank you.


    • I think this one is the only translation site. They are on Maji A-3 for now. They will translate A-4 and A-5 too but in time. You have to wait just like us. God save our Translation Team.


  6. Hi kardororororo i found so i think this is the new site but so far i have not found any porn games or any porn yet but i just want to ask you do you think you and your team will but A3 on this site beacse nyaa is were i fond all of the maji you guys did and do you think this new site will put more porn on there soon beacuse i really hope so thank you for reading.


      • well, i only support devs that eighter do a translation themselves or via mangagamer/jast etc because why should i support a developer that doesn’t care about foreign customers in the first place?
        eushully would be a pretty good example for that, their games are usually top notch but they flat out refuse to let any company translate their games and don’t intend to translate it themselves so why should i praise them for that kind of behavior?


  7. On a unrelated note, man, finally found out the rest of condor hero series (anime) got translated…. could finally finish that show โค 1/10 voice acting, 1/10 quality, but 10/10 plot lol^^ glad i got to watch it to the end



    Just spreading the had been told
    The True replacement of nyaa is up and about..
    All direct releases of various fansub groups will be going on here.. as well as VN/Games etc just as before..


    • Maybe because the frequent ask about how much it will take, the moderator seems pissed so I thing they will show no progress at all but tell us is it already finish or not.
      Something like that
      *sorry if you can’t understand what I’m tring to say


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