Maji Koi A-3

Route Translated Edited Finalized Total Progress
Lee 32/32 0/32 0/32  %
Stacy 0/26 0/26 0/26 0%
Tsubame After+ 0/34 0/34 0/34 0%
Misc 0/3 0/3 0/3 0%
Total 32/95 0/95 0/95  %

390 thoughts on “Maji Koi A-3

  1. Normally you guys wait until an entire route is translated/edited/finalized before updating. It’s really weird seeing partial completion. I’m not complaining, it’s great to see progress, doesn’t make it any less weird for me.


    • I think it’s because they are going much slower with A-4 than they had in previous games so they just wanted to show they aren’t dead.


  2. Only here will people willingly do math to find out something out of interest. Hats of to you guys for the amazing work and making people think xD


  3. droppin in to tell you guys im so happy to see this update, heck with this leap ive witnessed you might have it done by the time i finish reading all the other majis again, i reformatted my comp so i lost all my progress so I *have* to go through *all* of it again, a blessing in disguise really ^^ keep up the good work guys


  4. I have no clue the amount of work it takes to do these translation patches. But I’m glad you’re doing them. Thanks for the hard work.


    • well to answer the question you never asked.
      first of all the translator has to go through all the text in the game from each route, then translate it while keeping in mind that maji koi has a diversity of dialect spoken through out. it’s the equivalent of having an aussie, brit, Texan, boston-er(?) and Shakespearian English write a book, they’re the same but different.

      after that they go through editing, making sure of spelling mistakes, punctuation and grammar. see what text seems to be translated wrongly, make appropriate jokes when the source material doesn’t translate as a joke. as well as explaining any references that need to be addressed so that us non-Japanese can understand.
      I believe I’m missing something else but can’t remember if anyone else can add please go ahead.

      well Thanks for the hard work.


  5. there is a math problem here i think we need to figure out how many keys broke off then divide by the ones left then Multiply whats left on keybap????


    • It’s true, several weeks or months ago there’s a leak about it.
      I dunno tho who uploaded the screen shot about it, but I’m grateful for them because I know the reason why majitl team have been slowing down for this year.


  6. it doesn’t matter how long it takes… I’ll still wait for the A3 and hopefully A4 to be be fully translated for as long as it takes :3 btw, keep up the good work guys 😀


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