Maji Koi A-3

Route Translated Edited Finalized Total Progress
Lee 0/32 0/32 0/32 0%
Stacy 0/26 0/26 0/26 0%
Tsubame After+ 0/34 0/34 0/34 0%
Misc 0/3 0/3 0/3 0%
Total 0/95 0/95 0/95 0%

40 thoughts on “Maji Koi A-3

  1. Thank you fuckers at Maji Translations for giving us the chance to read our fap material. This world exists only for the the bliss that comes from 2D. (Anime, for you people with an IQ that’s less than that of a missing chromosome) Thank you for you hard work as always with these translations we all love so dearly.


  2. Thank you guys for all your hard work, this series is the best I’ve ever found, and believe me when I say that I looked for good ones for a long time. Just simplly hard to find a more loveable character compilation.
    Looking forward to all your new releases, and keep up the good work 😀


  3. Thank you for doing this, i know its a long ways away but a 5 has the most hype from me but i am very much looking forward to this. Take your time, dont work to hard we all appreciate what you are doing even if it takes months and months the fact oyu are working on it means a lot to us!


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