A-2 Update

Well, thanks to Mr. Rorororo, editing on Cookie-4 and the misc scripts is done, and they’re being shipped off for finalization. Figured I’d make a post since I haven’t made one since July and people tend to get all uppity. Send him all your applause, as I’m a worthless team member who doesn’t really do much.


Uncensor patch + small A-2 update

People asked about this from time to time, so just figured I’d let you all know that this aspect of the project has been dropped. We want thank Helvetica Standard for his great work on the first game.

Edit: I thought it was obvious, but it would appear I was mistaken; A-2 progress is being made, as you could tell if you followed the A-2 progress page. The only thing that was dropped was the uncensor patch. Oh, and the UI is completely done. Probably. I’m not sure if we managed to unbreak the bgms, so you all can look forward to that.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! A-1 English Patch Released!

The Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! A-1 patch is finally done! Please direct any questions to the comments section or to twdarkeh  or kardororororo on fuwanovel.net. Or notify us via Discord.

A big thank you to the entire team, which can be found in the staff section, as well as fuwanovel for givin’ us a place to organize ourselves. We hope you enjoy the game! See our releases page if you’re lookin’ for the full english translation of the other games.

Download [Mega]

We opted not to use an installer for this game as the Majikoi S installer had several issues due Windows bein’ retarded.

We do apologise for the delays caused by unexpected trouble.

As always, if you can afford to buy the game, please do so. Minatosoft’s Store contains links to buy digital copies of all the A games.

A final update

As most of you have noticed, we’ve been slowly working our way through Azumi’s route. We’re down to the last 7 scripts, and then just some final touches, and we’re good to go.

Just to prove we’re actually working and not just goofing around, here’s another set of preview images. Enjoy. There shouldn’t be any spoilers in them. This will be the last update before release, because we’re out of things to update.

7/4/2016 Update, because why not?

Well, getting my updates for the next six months out of the way this week, here’s another small one. A-1 UI totally finalized. We opted to not translate the character names in the event mode, because the route names have the character names in them and it’d be redundant, and the file the names are pulled from hates us. So deal with it.

Have a preview: http://imgur.com/a/ab9fA

As for A-2, the base UI is done. This includes the title menu, the config, all the button popups, and some other misc stuff. All that’s left are the skit modes, event titles, and music titles, all of which have to actually be translated, so we’re working on that… eventually.

Conveniently, the way the game is structured allows up to recycle files from one game to the next for several parts; something around 100 images that we don’t have to keep doing over and over again, which is nice. Also, the structure heavily implies an anthology of A-1 to A-5 will eventually be released, so have some hype for that.

Another Update

Well, you guys were nagging me, so figured I’d post an update. I was tempted to play an April Fool’s joke canceling the project, but I’m not good on remembering what day of the week it is, let alone what day of the month, so you lucked out there.

Sayaka and Benkei need final pass to be 100%, basically just us dragging our feet at the moment. We have half of Azumi’s files, and I’ve asked storyteller for the rest, though I don’t think he did the H-scenes, so those will also need doing. The images are being worked on right now. Oh, and the skits are done, allegedly. And some other stuff, not sure what it does, but we’re going to find out. Or you are, since we’re not known for testing our shit pre-release.

On a related note, fuck whoever decided to put files in the game that aren’t actually used. Seriously, why? You know how long was spent editing an image then looking for it in the game, only to find out it was already edited back in S and had just been recycled and apparently not even used? Yea, that person needs to be fed Top Ramen®, and I don’t say that lightly.

On A-2, no update, really. We got sidetracked back to A-1, and I’m not sure where dowolf is on Seiso percentage wise. I’m not sure dowolf is sure where dowolf is percentage wise. I’m not sure anyone who matters cares where dowolf is percentage wise.

And now a message from our sponsors!


And that’s it for this quarter’s update. We may or may not post another one in the next undetermined period of time. Or we might get hit by a car. Find out next time! Oh, right, have a poll: