A small update

Benkei translation complete*, moving to editing/QC/whatnot.

Azumi progress is being made.

Sayaka QC still no progress.

And yes, we’re still alive.

EDIT: Oh yea, staffroom and skits are also TL’d.


A-1 Translation Started

As some noticed, we added the progress page a few days ago. As of yet, very little is done, but we have “officially” started on A-1. There is a new set of threads on fuwanovel for those who wish to more closely track progress, though as usual, we will likely only post updates when a route is completed(either translating or QC/editing), so neither place will be 100% accurate.

Dropbox Links Removed

Dropbox seems to not like large amounts of traffic. I honestly didn’t expect the sheer size of traffic we got, or I likely wouldn’t have used dropbox at all. The dropbox links have been removed as they’ve been permanently disabled by dropbox, and we don’t want to send people to dead links. Sorry about that!

The mega links still work. If anyone is having a problem with them, let us know in the comments on this post!

Bug Fix

Some of you may have noticed that there was a bug that caused the game to crash on any line that Matsukaze was supposed to speak. We have found and fixed this bug, and will be uploading a new installer as soon as we can get one made. For those of you who have already downloaded the patch, here is a working update2.pac Simply extract it and move the Update2.pac into your Maji Koi S folder(the same one you used to install the patch).

BugFix – This should only be used by those who are having crashing issues in Tsubame, Koyuki, or other routes where Matsukaze speaks. LINK REMOVED DUE TO DROPBOX BAN. Sorry about that.

Mega Mirror for Bugfix – please use this one instead!

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! S English Patch Released!


The Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! S patch is finally done! Please direct any questions to the comments section or to twdarkeh  or kardororororo on fuwanovel.net. Please read the included readme.txt before playing, and see the attached image for the full events mode list.

A big thank you to the entire team, which can be found in the staff section, as well as fuwanovel for giving us a place to organize ourselves. We hope you enjoy the game! See our releases page if you’re looking for the full english translation of the first game.

Subbed videos coming soon!

Download – Should work now, and switched to mega to try to fix download cops. DOES NOT REQUIRE BUGFIX. Only those who got the original installer(you know who you are) need the bugfix.

100% save mirror(Mega) – use this one if the one above isn’t working.

Subbed videos – To install, simply unzip and drag into your majikoi S folder(same one you installed the patch to). WARNING: May have playback issues. If they do, simply delete update4.pac. We never figured out why they hate some systems and don’t hate others.


New Site

Sadly, it appears Heizei_koukousei has wandered off, and so we are reforming Maji Translations. We will be posting progress on our patches here from now on, and will include the patch for the first game here as well!

Sorry for the bad formatting, I’m not very good at the whole design choices thing.