An update to prove we’re not dead yet.

Yeah, we haven’t been very active here or in the progress page have we.

Anyways, writin’ this mainly to say that progress is goin’ slowly, it’s just one of those years.

merry whatever is goin’  on


35 thoughts on “An update to prove we’re not dead yet.

    • Yeah me too !
      I will play tsubame first and then lee and stacy, it’s so tempting to check this site everyday even though I know haha


  1. Just passing through and see you guys are still around.

    Don’t worry and take your time to translate it. After all some of us waited years fro the first Majikoi to finish translating so we learnt patience by now.

    So keep up the good work.


  2. Hello. First off, thanks for all the work you do.
    JAST recently announced that they would be localizing Majikoi officially. Will this affect your project? Considering how unreliable JAST is sometimes (*cough* Sumaga *cough*) it would be really unfortunate if that ended up killing this and then they never carried through with it.

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    • Just a reminder that a VN translation can go for months, even years for it to finish… If they add some other number other than 0 in the progress page itd be much appreciated though…


      • then again they already did a really great job so even if they just saying the project is still alive with no real progress yet you should still be gratefull that they are still around at all ._.

        i mean… without them someone who don`t understand japanese wouldn’t be able to read S,A-1 and A-2 lol


        • I just hope that they dont have to drop the fan translation for any reasion now that the first Majikoi is getting an official english translation.


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