A-3 and Package Edition

We’re not dead, I promise. After a short break and some yelling at my computer, I finally got around to extracting the scripts for A-3, which have been handed off to dowolf. The A-3 progress page has accordingly been created.

To address one of the questions we’ve been getting asked most frequently, it is highly unlikely we will be working on the package edition. As you have no doubt noticed by now, our patches use Update2.pac for the UI, Update3.pac for the actual translation, and Update4.pac for whatever else we need to shove in there. Unfortunately, the package edition does not respond well to this. At all. Not even a little bit.

As such, the only way we could do the package edition would be to modify the individual script files, and any other individual files that are needed. This would massively bloat the patch to likely very nearly the size of the game itself. We’d also have to go through each script and make sure Minatosoft hasn’t made significant changes to them, and translate any new lines/delete any that were removed. As that would be silly and time consuming, we’ll opt to not do that. That said, if someone else wishes to take up that challenge, they are free to contact me on Discord.

As always, our plans regarding A-4 and beyond are: maybe, so don’t ask. For any other questions, see the FAQ located conveniently on the navigation bar.