Uncensor patch + small A-2 update

People asked about this from time to time, so just figured I’d let you all know that this aspect of the project has been dropped. We want thank Helvetica Standard for his great work on the first game.

Edit: I thought it was obvious, but it would appear I was mistaken; A-2 progress is being made, as you could tell if you followed the A-2 progress page. The only thing that was dropped was the uncensor patch. Oh, and the UI is completely done. Probably. I’m not sure if we managed to unbreak the bgms, so you all can look forward to that.


31 thoughts on “Uncensor patch + small A-2 update

  1. Whatever. You guys do more than enough already, and uncensor patch would just be a bonus at this point.
    …Though honestly? All the uncensor patch does is let us see Yamato’s dick most of the time so I don’t consider it a loss. I don’t wanna see dicks that look misshapen and weird, and half the time they look like they’re made out of clay. I’m here for the female T&A!
    Really, I prefer my VNs censored and I really wish Mangagamer, Sekai Project and others would give option to NOT have the cg uncensored. The only VNs that I found it tolerable were School Days & Shiny Days and, kudos to him, Helvetica Standard’s work on Majikoi Original. Maybe I’m the only one who feels that way tho.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! You guys are consistently amazing and thanks for everything you’ve done thus far.


  2. I just want to thank you guys for all your hard work in whole translation process. The last time I played any Majikoi game was 2-3 years ago. Last patch I remember was Sayaka’s route done by Wairu and they just barely started with Benkei’s. I don’t know what happened, since I started going less frequently to their IRC channel, but they just abruptly stopped and I guess I just lost hope. Fast forward til around 3 weeks ago and I find (in a very awkward way) that the original Majikoi, S, and A-1 have been fully translated and that A-2 is in the works. I kid you not, I took an entire week of leave just to replay the entire series. Past, present, and future me’s thank you for doing this.


  3. You guys done way way WAY enough at this point. And the community really appreciated it. Uncen or not, we still really grateful. Thanks, you people are awesome.


    • “I get the update”

      You sure asbout that? What they are saying is kind of obvious though, which is that A-2 won’t have any uncensored option (not sure if A-1 has an uncensor option though), A-2 (and any potential subsequent patches for A-3, A-4 and A-5) will just be an english patch that translate the game in english with no uncensoring option added.


        • “It actually means that S, A-1, A-2, and any other game we may or may not do will not be uncensored.”

          That’s basically what I just said, didn’t mention S though because the english patch was released like a year ago or so already.


  4. Thanks for all your hard work guys, I’ll try not to ask a stupid question:
    I get that you said once that you’re doing this just cause you felt commited after translating Majikoi and S, but do you actually enjoy any of this? or get a sense of satisfaction or something? Pure curiosity.


  5. Eh, doesn’t matter. I don’t particularly want to be looking at Yamato’s wooden dildo-esque dick. I mean, I would love to be able to see the girls’ vadges, but…most of the time I’m not convinced the artists of these visual novels have ever actually *seen* a vagina anyway, judging by how they draw them. Simply horrific.


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