A final update

As most of you have noticed, we’ve been slowly working our way through Azumi’s route. We’re down to the last 7 scripts, and then just some final touches, and we’re good to go.

Just to prove we’re actually working and not just goofing around, here’s another set of preview images. Enjoy. There shouldn’t be any spoilers in them. This will be the last update before release, because we’re out of things to update.


27 thoughts on “A final update

    Chikara ga! Chikara haite kuru!!!


  2. Thanks for all your hardwork on translating! Can’t wait for a-1 to be done all though do to that last image I’m guessing I can wait for a-2 abit otherwise he might show up T.T


    Thank you sooo much guys, i really hope we can donate or something later, this shit worth so much for us who can’t read japanese, thank you. Please take your time, and you actually don’t really need to post pictures, you’re credible enough, we’ve always trusted you guys :p


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