7/4/2016 Update, because why not?

Well, getting my updates for the next six months out of the way this week, here’s another small one. A-1 UI totally finalized. We opted to not translate the character names in the event mode, because the route names have the character names in them and it’d be redundant, and the file the names are pulled from hates us. So deal with it.

Have a preview: http://imgur.com/a/ab9fA

As for A-2, the base UI is done. This includes the title menu, the config, all the button popups, and some other misc stuff. All that’s left are the skit modes, event titles, and music titles, all of which have to actually be translated, so we’re working on that… eventually.

Conveniently, the way the game is structured allows up to recycle files from one game to the next for several parts; something around 100 images that we don’t have to keep doing over and over again, which is nice. Also, the structure heavily implies an anthology of A-1 to A-5 will eventually be released, so have some hype for that.


26 thoughts on “7/4/2016 Update, because why not?

  1. This official news will hopefully calm a few people now. 😃 Can’t be too long before people can dive in A-1.

    Finish A-1 and 2 quickly, so you can do A-3 with best grill. 😅


    • Shush, Monshiro is dat best!

      I kid, though she was the most interesting character for me. What is your favorite (female or non-female) character from the games?

      Also Great work guys! Looking very much forwards the release, whenever that is 😀


  2. I love you fuckers. Hope everything goes well. I’m personally most excited for A-3, although that’s probably a looooong way off.


    • Yes, we found out about it once we started testin’, one of the bins (replaymode.bin iirc) had been messed with , so it kept crashin’ when tryin’ to run it, we’ve already fixed it and it will be included when we release the translation.


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