Had nothin’ to do, so picture guides for installation of the game and the patch

title really says it all.

Game installation: This one

Patch installation: And this one


39 thoughts on “Had nothin’ to do, so picture guides for installation of the game and the patch

  1. I installed the game, renamed to folder to Majikoi S and updated the registry. It’s path is now D:\VN\Majikoi S\. Then installed the three updates, ran the English patch. Copied the crack to the game folder ran it and click ok. But the exe still gives me the window that takes you to the product support page. What did I do wrong?

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    • 1) Install the game, do nothing else.
      2) Drag in the crack, crack the game.
      3) Install the english patch.
      4) Play game.

      Do things in this order. You could have read the picture guides and you would not have had this problem, but ok.


  2. thanks to your tutorial my game runs smoothly now….before i did yours, i tried installing it myself and got my game laggish…….didn’t know that you’re supposed to cracked it first then the english patch so its really a big help now…..THANKS! xD


      • Actual pictures of the issue might be good so I can figure out what’s goin’ on, we do not have the insight of god on our side.


        • I don’t know why everything is gibberish, I added Japanese to my computer in the Control Panel. Sorry for the trouble, if you haven’t figured it out I’m very knew to this, but I loved the first game so much I want to play this one too.


      • I can see the first issue, you most likely changed it to japanese applocale, which doesn’t work, gotta change the systemlocale, personally can’t fully remember step by step how to do it, and especially not on what appears to be Win8, so it’s probably better to google how to change SystemLocale on Win8


    • Well, considerin’ they’re .iso files, you don’t extract them as much as run them as discs to install the game, daemon tools works well for this task


  3. Hi whenever I try to run the game nothing happens and when I check my Task manager I can see Nexas (32bit) running but nothing else is happening.
    I’m not really sure what’s going on


  4. Hi, I installed the game but whenever I try to run it nothing happens and when i checked my task manager I could see Nexas (32bit) running but nothing happening. I am not really sure what is going on with this


  5. ok i was just playing the vn normally with no problems whatsoever but then, when i ejected the BD rom drive MAJIKOI_S1 from daemon tools, and try to make a shortcut of the game using the alpharomdie i get a message, (i cant copy it ) a warning with a yellow triangle sign that says, **********S*GAMEDISC*********** and asking me to choose ok or cancel, can you please help me?


  6. Hey, i loved the Majikoi, so i downloaded Majokoi! S but i can’t press next on the installation wizard. I tried re-downloading, and downloading both of the updates, but it wont work.


  7. hei i have a problem i mount disc 1 and 2 and then installed the game but when i try to open the game it cannot open and i have error message say “A debugger has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from memory and restart your program”. can anyone know how to fix this ?


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