Bug Fix

Some of you may have noticed that there was a bug that caused the game to crash on any line that Matsukaze was supposed to speak. We have found and fixed this bug, and will be uploading a new installer as soon as we can get one made. For those of you who have already downloaded the patch, here is a working update2.pac Simply extract it and move the Update2.pac into your Maji Koi S folder(the same one you used to install the patch).

BugFix – This should only be used by those who are having crashing issues in Tsubame, Koyuki, or other routes where Matsukaze speaks. LINK REMOVED DUE TO DROPBOX BAN. Sorry about that.

Mega Mirror for Bugfix – please use this one instead!


30 thoughts on “Bug Fix

  1. Never mind. My problem was within the config file of my Majikoi S. Reinstalling and running a clean config.dat file works it out.


  2. Help me please! I tried literally everything to fix the “NeXas has stopped working” error. I installed your patch, put this bug fix in the majikoi s folder, and even tried the 100% save file. I installed and reinstalled the game a dozen times, and only manage to finish Chris and Monshiro’s routes. I even question myself if the problem is the game I installed, can someone give me a link where you downloaded the game? Eroge download is where I got the game. If someone is having the same problem as me and already fixed it, please help me!

    Here’s the error on Kokoro’s route:

    On Margin, I even tried go to Events in the Extra section so I can see her route, still….

    Here’s the screenshot of my folder, complete with the Bug fix and 100% save:


    • Rather than spam with two different names, perhaps wait for someone to approve your comment and reply; where does it crash on Kazuko? Many people seem to have had this issue, but we’ve never been able to replicate it.


    • the only thing I can think of then is that your config.dat has gotten corrupted somehow, try either deletin’ (removes all progress made on the game) or download the 100% save and use that
      config.dat is located in C:\Users\Username\Documents\みなとそふと\真剣で私に恋しなさい!S\Save


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