Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! S English Patch Released!


The Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! S patch is finally done! Please direct any questions to the comments section or to twdarkeh  or kardororororo on Please read the included readme.txt before playing, and see the attached image for the full events mode list.

A big thank you to the entire team, which can be found in the staff section, as well as fuwanovel for giving us a place to organize ourselves. We hope you enjoy the game! See our releases page if you’re looking for the full english translation of the first game.

Subbed videos coming soon!

Download – Should work now, and switched to mega to try to fix download cops. DOES NOT REQUIRE BUGFIX. Only those who got the original installer(you know who you are) need the bugfix.

100% save mirror(Mega) – use this one if the one above isn’t working.

Subbed videos – To install, simply unzip and drag into your majikoi S folder(same one you installed the patch to). WARNING: May have playback issues. If they do, simply delete update4.pac. We never figured out why they hate some systems and don’t hate others.



472 thoughts on “Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! S English Patch Released!

  1. What videos does update 4 sub? I just started my first play-through and I put Update 4 in the majikoi S folder but I noticed it didn’t sub the OP. Does it only work for the in-game animations? (Like the one where Chris beats up all those guys?)


  2. Hey there, some of my symbols seem to be pretty messed up. Anyone have a solution for this? My square brackets are replaced with .u and .v

    Seems like all the numbers are weird and replaced with some letters and different symbols.


  3. To start off I just want to say you guys are awesome. For me to give up hope on maji s being translated and come back to it after years to see 100% fully translated felt amazing! i have a question regarding the 100% save file, it seems the game skips over the save when i start it up seeing as it gives me pretty much a fresh game. Am i doing something wrong in where I place the save folder and/or its content? I’ve tried in many different ways to see if i could get the game to read the file and it just doesn’t seem to want to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂


      • thats where i put it. i put the folder itself in there to no avail. also tried to put the contents inside the folder with my save still nothing happened. if i just put the 100% save folder in the save location it skips over it and makes a new folder with a fresh game. sometimes even pops up with some error regarding something about a-1 but the game still starts when i close out the window with a fresh save. when i put the contents into a fresh folder titled “Save” it still doesn’t read that its there. is there a certain way that i’m supposed to do it that i’m missing? thank you for your time and response!


  4. When installing Majikoi S english patch.exe , i can’t click the “next” button. I have try it in 2 different PC and japan locale system, but still can’t click the “next” button. Any solution?


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  6. In Tsubame’s route in the tournament where she gets lariated, the game without fail stops working at the same place. Please help!


  7. Hi,
    after reading all the comments while finding no answer for my problem,
    I followed the instructions as much as I could (instead of eng patch I got the updates), (instead of the recommended crack I used another one), the problem,,,,
    I cant save. Not even a save file will be created. And doing it manually will be ignored.
    Any ideas? (keyboard setting and system locale on japanese, everything run as admin, win 7, reinstalled, redownloaded)


    • Considerin’ the save files are supposed to be in Documents > みなとそふと > 真剣で私に恋しなさい!S/A-1/A-2/etc
      maybe somethin’s fucky there


  8. Okay I applied the patch but I noticed something concerning and rather stupid. The F1 button is the panic button which is supposed to normally give a screen like the from the image link below to hide h-scenes and quit sound. Mind you it only looks like this in the untranslated version.

    HOWEVER, I don’t know if it was you guys or Wairu Translations but this is obviously a troll. Because it has a picture of Stacy in a Picture Saying “No Porn Here Look else where”. If that ain’t obvious. Good lord. Plus it doesn’t stop the sound during an h-scene. Anyways this is what the image looks like below.

    So the translation version modifies the game and update2.pac seems to be the culprit, I can’t delete this because the game crashes every so often if I try to go to the menu. This file is responsible for translating the menu. So was hoping if a quick 5 minute fix to delete that image and use the original function. People actually use the F1 button function and whoever placed that picture was an obvious troll.


  9. When installing Majikoi S english patch.exe , i can’t click the “next” button. I downloaded the patches as posted in one of the comments with the same issue and it still wont let me click the “next” button.


    • I feel we’ve answered this exact question fifty fuckin’ times
      IF you use the alternative files (update2 and update3.pac) you DO NOT need to use the Installer.exe, you simply run the game after placin’ (update2 and update3.pac) into the Majikoi S™ folder
      and you lot realise there is actually a prepatched torrent available on sukebei? nobody?


  10. hello i have done intalled the game, i can play but the problem is i cannot see any Childhood Route, Koyuki Route, Kosugi Route and Future where you are accuaintance with Takae, , , is that normal or because i not download it completely? please give me an answer, thankss.


    • Play the other fuckin’ routes
      Kosugi is unlocked by visitin’ the tutorial a shitton of times
      Childhood and Koyuki is basically the same route, unlocked LATER™, just play other routes, and get the [Completed] sticker
      Aquaintance with Takae is after you’ve completed every other route in the game.


  11. I can’t seem to apply the crack to the game gives me AlphaDiscLog.txt and some Japanese characters when I try. I’ve reviewed most of the comments and haven’t noticed it mentioned. Apologies if it has been, but if you know of a fix for this I would greatly appreciate it.


      • No I don’t think so, mine actually had the AlphaDiscLog.txt words in the box before the characters. Although I have solved this issue with a very handy program that hacks most AlphaRom protections. AlphaRomDie super handy and very easy to use. All works great on my end including the english patches and subs. Many thanks to the translators.


  12. Hi I have installed everything as shown (with nodvd crack and english patch applied) but when I try to open the .exe file, nothing happens. Using task manager, the game is running in the background (?) but the app isnt showing itself. Im using windows 10. Am i doing something wrong? (Btw i have tried reinstalling multiple times and using alpha rom and all that but the game just wont start, please help!! ><)


  13. Hi here, I know you do only translation and the like, but maybe you can help with it.
    I’m trying to install it and run “alsignup_101029b.exe”, but get “AlphaDiscLog.txt が見つからないまたは変です”.
    Tried “AlphaROMdiE.exe”, but get “A monitor program has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from memory and restart your program.” instead.
    Any ideas?


  14. hola quisiera saber cuando ban a empezar a traducirlo al español e injusto que una maravillosa novela solo tenga 2 idiomas ._. porfavor traduscanla al español solo tiene un parche al español pero solo esta el español desde la tuca comun osea ya cuando empiezas a elijir con quien quieres estar todo es ingles es injusto sinceramente y yo que estaba muy emocionado con la novela pero ya no me da animo de leerla ya que e estado 3 horas buscando informacion aver si esta completo es español y nada solo la ruta comun y e estado buscando ver si la tradusco pero tampoco puedo gg de una gran novela la aruinan por solo tenerlo 2 idiomas porfavor saquenla en español


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