New Site

Sadly, it appears Heizei_koukousei has wandered off, and so we are reforming Maji Translations. We will be posting progress on our patches here from now on, and will include the patch for the first game here as well!

Sorry for the bad formatting, I’m not very good at the whole design choices thing.


8 thoughts on “New Site

  1. Now that’s a new site to bookmark!
    “We will be posting progress on our patches here from now on” => Does that mean we can hope that you pick up Majikoi A, if Heizei’s M.I.A. is confirmed? ^^


    • We will likely take up A-1, yes, but we are going to take a break for the time being. dowolf and the team have been working nonstop for nigh on a year now on the first game and then S.


      • I’m glad there is still a possibility of A-1! Regardless, though, I understand all the weirdness and hard work that is involved in translation projects. I’m really glad you guys had picked up Majikoi S so fluidly after the oddness with the last team organization. That really indicative of a good group!

        Definitely take a well-deserved break! I hope we can look forward to A-1 in the future, but if not, still thanks for making the games accessible to English readers.


  2. Yep, I would’nt even ask you to work on this right now, but I’m happy to know that there is a possibility, in the future 🙂
    Anyway, thank you for Majikoi, and Majikoi S !!


  3. Hey — let me know if you’d like me to host a blog for you. That would let you have a little more control than wordpress gives you. Just PM me on Fuwa if that’s something you’d like : ).


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